The Lesser of Two Evils or The Angels From Heaven?

George Washington didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning the war. Fortunately he was not relying on hell, he was relying on heaven. He faced daunting odds but he had faith and patience and trust in God. He lost some battles, and retreated in order to remain intact and win the war in the long term. Many believe as I do that angels helped him.

He stuck to his principles despite the odds. He did his best and left the rest in the Lord's hands.

The way I see it, each political election is not the war itself, but only one battle in the war. True, some battles are more important than others. However, there is a notion I can no longer support and I'm sorry I ever did, because this notion has got us to the terrible point we are now at. The notion I refer to is that this battle is the crucial one, and we can't afford to lose it even if it means violating our principles. Violating our principles!

How so? I have been hearing for more years than I can remember that the election of the moment is the crucial one. That so and so must be defeated at all costs. That we can't afford to lose the battle. How long must this go on before we learn? How long must we "hold our nose" and vote for the lesser of two evils instead of a fuller measure of the principles we believe in? Elections should not be about people and personalities, they should be about principles.

Where is our faith? Said Isaiah, "Woe to them that go down to Egypt for help; and stay on horses, and trust in chariots, because they are many; and in horsemen, because they are very strong; but they look not unto the Holy One of Israel, neither seek the Lord!" --Isaiah 31:1

Why must we hold our nose and vote for unprincipled people? Why must we look to such people to defend us, instead of looking to the Lord? Where has it gotten us so far? In recent history, it got us the Constitution trampling George Bush from which we got the political backlash that flung us from bad to worse with B. Obama. It got us A. Schwarzenegger who tried and then as soon as the going got difficult abandoned our principles. Were we surprised? I don't think so. We knew what we were getting, or should have known. Do you expect me to hold my head high with these accomplishments? Lesser is still evil. How can we pray and ask for God's help as we support evil? Does that honestly ring true to you? Can we call down the angels from heaven to help us with the lesser of two evils? Hell laughs at us. Heaven weeps.

Now we are told the same siren's song: "We cannot afford to lose this battle." I say we cannot afford to lose this war! While we have won some battles, we have been losing the war for several generations. Most every generation falls for the expediency of holding the nose and voting for the lesser of two evils in order so supposedly win the battle de jour. Should we continue the course? Really? What will we have won? A slight slow down of the evil that slowly saps our strength and our freedom? Is that what you want? A slight slow down of evil? You must wake up and realize that that is all the lesser of two evils is getting us. The price of winning said battle is too much to pay. This is foolish madness. No, it does not ring true and in our hearts we will know it if we will study true principles and slow down and listen to the quiet whisperings of the spirit.

We have not ever—nor can we now—effectively march into battle with one hand holding our nose! Furthermore it does not inspire and ennoble the political troops. Without vision and inspiration, we will perish. The stench is still there. It does not go away by the temporary closure of the nostrils. Holding the nose will never win the war.

As for me I want to breathe the invigorating air of freedom! If I can't then I don't want to mask the smell. I want to have full faculties to sense it so I am motivated to seek out the source of the pollution and eradicate it, not prolong it that it may be slightly less stinky if the lesser of two evils gets elected. To mask the stench is to lead us into a false sense of security. That is relying on hell's plan.

No candidate is perfect but if they can't at least score a "B" on our principles they have not earned our vote and should not get it.

We should vote our conscience, do our part and leave the rest in God's hands. I believe anything less lacks faith and is a sellout of our principles. When we sell out our principles we lose integrity and don't remain intact to fight well another day. We sully our position and are further behind for the next battle because our cause will now not be believed. The person we hold our nose and vote for perhaps does good in some areas and then sells us out in many others. I have been duped in the past, but I refuse to rely on hell any longer. I stand with George Washington and will rely on Heaven. I will vote my conscience, not for the lesser of two evils that might win the battle de jour, but at a price too heavy to pay. Please join me. Lord help us to do our part.

Lee Martinson